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Noctilucent Clouds 15-7-08 10.50 – 11.10pm

What an amazing and unexpected sight! I popped out 10.45pm to take the dog along the canal towpath and was greeted with the view below, looking west from the house, of these electric blue glowing Noctilucent clouds. I wasn’t quite sure they were real at first, but they just hung there in the same position and got brighter while all the other cloud glided overhead and got dimmer so it was clear they were something out of the ordinary. Today they were confirmed as Noctilucents as other people on UKAI had photographed them too. A very pleasant first time viewing of these rare clouds for me on a lovely starlit night with the moon low in the south.

For more information on Noctilucent Clouds go to the Noctilucent Cloud Observers website here

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