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The Sun 24-6-09 AR11023 Sunspots

Not much time to image tonight and the seeing was rubbish. The data was so poor I decided to just pick two good single frames from each 800 frame run rather than stacking – nice to see some sunpsots again though 🙂

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The Sun 13-6-09 – Large arch prominence in NE

Only had a short time to image the sun today, but the brief view was worth the effort as there was a large arch prominence on the NE limb. No active regions visible in Ha light but AR11020 is over on the west limb now and extremely small. I am amazed this tiny flux area got an NOAA designation as it was very weak and had no strong spots.

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The Sun 4-6-09 – AR11019 Breaking Up

AR11019 appears to be dispersing with the main spots much smaller today and the group becoming widely dispersed. Seeing was terrible along with transparency and this made processing quite a chore.

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The Sun 2-6-09 – AR11019 Sunspots Developing

AR11019 continues to grow with the main sunspots noticeably larger now and the two polarities dividing and moving apart. There was a nice tall flame prom near the AR in the NE and another fainter group in the SE.

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The Sun 1-6-09 – New AR 11019 has Sunspots!

June 1, 2009 1 comment

The new AR in the NE developed fast overnight and now has two large sunspots and numerous pores, it showed up partcularly well with the Herschel Wedge and stacked barlows (2x and 2.5x) and also in CaK. Proms were in the N and SE.

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