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The Sun 31-5-09 – Spectacular tall prominence in NW!

Set up for imaging at 9.55UT and was amazed to see a tall hook shaped prominence in the NW. It looked like a cloud capped spike to start with then the “cloud” slowly curved over to re-connect with the surface. It had faded rapidly by 11.00UT and was gone by 15.00UT. The new AR in the NE still has only one main spot and about 3-4 pores. Tried the Herschel wedge today for the first time imaging and was very pleased with the results, clear granulation, sunspots and pores.

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The Sun 30-5-09 – Small new AR in NE

The returning AR 11016 has finally decayed along with the small AR seen last on the 24th. Now there is a new SC24 spot in the NE which already shows one spot. Only three very small proms on show.

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The Sun 24-5-09 – AR’s and Proms

AR11016 is still present with its AR filament. The small new AR in the east still has no spots. Small proms only in N, S , E, and W.

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The Sun 23-5-09 – New small AR in east

A small new AR has appeared in the east which is currently un-numbered by NOAA but appears to have two fledgling spots forming. The returned AR 11016 is still viisble with its AR filament. Proms are in the west, east and south. The western group has a complex hedgerow of multiple arches.

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The Sun 21-5-09 – AR11016 and 11017

The returning AR11016 is on the central meridian now and sports a nice dark active region filament with obvious barbs connecting to the surface. AR11017 is over on the west limb now and about to vanish over the limb. Two fairly insignificant proms in the west.

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The Sun 17-5-08 – 3 Active Regions still visible

A lucky break in the cloud at midday allowed me to grab a few quick images in CaK and Ha of the active regions. All three are still visible with the new one (11016 returning) in the east now visible in Ha too and showing some flux detail, but no spots so far. There is still a spot in 11017 along with some small pores and the AR to the west of 11017 continues to disperse and decay. There is a tall spike prominence on the west limb. All images with north at top and east to left.

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The Sun 16-5-09 – 3 active regions on the sun

For the first time in around a year there are now three active regions on the sun. The two SC24 regions are now in the north west and include 11017 which still displays a couple of small spots and the decaying companion active region further west which is very dispersed. The new active region which has just appeared in the north east is actually a repeat showing for AR 11016 according to the NOAA – this is an SC23 AR. Prominences are generally small today. The Ha view of 11017 and its companion is still quite impressive with lots of fibrils and small AR filaments.

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