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AR11024 Ha and CaK Disks + Proms – July 6th 2009

Took these around 7.50pm BST with the sun very low in the sky as we had an unexpected clear patch. Two very prominent spots still on show in the AR and some nice detail in Ha. Proms were very faint but all quite complex in detail, the pics don’t really do them justice as the seeing was fading fast, as was the sun! Images taken with PST Ha and CaK/DMK41/DMK21

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Sunspots! AR11024 in white light – 5th July 2009

Had a short half hour hole in the clouds at midday – just enough to catch the AR11024 sunspot group. This group is so large now that it only just fits inside the imaging chip on the DMK41 when using two stacked barlows for closeups. The seeing wasn’t great so this is just 140 frames stacked out of 1200. It’s a lovely group to look at with all of the pores between the two main spots…..Vixen 115/DMK41/Herschel Wedge

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Low solar activity 3-7-09

Not much time for solar imaging these days with work and music commmittments getting in the way a lot. Managed a few late images this afternoon in very average seeing with haze. Not an awful lot on display but there were two small active areas easily visible in Ha and CaK plus a large but very faint prom in the SW. PST Ha and CaK/ DMK41

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