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The Sun 29-6-08 13.33 UT

Pretty cloudy and windy here today with showery rain, but occasionally a clear window is passing over now. Pretty low activity on the disk with a thin curving filament near the south east limb and perhaps the last traces of the filaproms on the south west limb. Proms are generally small and quiescent with two main groups opposite each other on the north and south limbs.

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The Sun 26-6-08 7.27 UT

I was lucky to catch a half hour of good clear weather early this morning before heavy rain rolled in for the rest of the day (and its still pouring down now at 20.10 pm!!) . Plenty of nice proms scattered around the limb with the main one from yesterday still active on the west limb with 2-3 small filaments nearby.

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The Sun 25-6-08 8.38 UT and 16.37 UT

I literally had a two minute slot in the cloud to take a quick look at 8.38 UT today before rain and cloud closed in. Got eight afocals and hoped for the best as there was no time for a visual or written record. Late in the afternoon at 16.37 I had much better seeing and grabbed a few images of the disk, proms and filaments. Good to see some increased activity today with some larger proms on the east, west and south limbs with two clear filaments near the SW limb along with AR 999 putting on a final show with some plage and two thin curving AR filaments.


16.37 UT

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The Sun 24-6-08

Very little time to get a good look at the sun today and poor conditions with lots of cloud. Counted 7 proms in total all quite small, no surface detail could be seen.

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The Sun 23-6-08

No pictures today as there is nothing of any great consequence to report. You could in fact look at yesterdays image and carry that forward to today! Just two very small proms on the south limb and one on the north. AR999 is fading fast and no longer represented as a spot.

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The Sun 22-6-08 15.36 UT

Tricky trying to photograph the sun in 61+ mph winds today! Its been blowing a gale all day and very cloudy too. I had to remove the PST sun shield to prevent the whole scope and mount from taking off! Managed a half hour bouncing view in a brief clear-sky window and recorded a very quiet sun. Only very low prominences on the south, west and north limbs today with no clear surface activity. AR999 is still there as faint plage according to Pete Lawrence’s images on the CN solar forum, but the main spot has faded.

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The Sun 20-6-08 17.45 UT

Not great conditions for imaging with a PST due to the wispy cloud crossing the disk all the time today which created some odd colour cast effects in the processing. Some really nice prom activity on the south and north east limbs though with a large hedgerow prominence group on the north east limb. AR999 seemed to have vanished or at least the PST could not resolve it now that it is so small and insignificant. Happy Solstice to all!

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Ths Sun 19-6-08 14.10 and 16.27 UT

AR999 is still visible as a clear sunspot today. Caught it at 16.27 UT with a small AR filament passing close to it. Only small proms visible today on the south, east and north limbs.

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The Sun 16-6-08 6.54 UT and 19.04 UT

Up early before work and the sky was clear blue, but the seeing was quite poor. There was a very large prom on the SSE limb with another growing on exactly the opposite side of the disk. Two faint and very short filaments were recorded along with the extremely faint remains of 998. A new active region (999) was announced on and this can just be seen faintly on the east limb. At 19.04 UT I took some more photos through wispy cloud. The large prom has grown and is putting on quite a display with fine strands of plasma in the curtain. Two distinctive long filaments have appeared to the west of the large prom.



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The Sun 15-6-08 15.08 UT

Weather just cleared up nicely here for the evening so I dashed out to get a record. The big prom is still towering over the east limb and there is quite a collection of filaments close to the east limb too. Experimenting with black and white afocals I can pretty much get decent focus and detail each session now and it really helps to bring out the filament detail. Even the very faint remains of 998 are showing up just up from the centre of the coloured mono shot. A big thanks to Nick Howes for letting me use his Levels settings in CS2 to colour the mono shots.

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