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Massive Flare, Radiation Storm & CME on the Sun !

The most spectacular activity I have ever seen on the sun took place at 06.41 UT this morning when most of us were still in bed or heading to work. Due to the unsociable hour of the event images from the solar observing community are non existent so I will rely on images from the NASA/SDO site here At 06.41 the magnetic fields around active regions 1226 and 1227 became highly unstable and an M2-Class flare exploded hurling plasma thousands of kilometres above the surface. Along with the flare an S2-Class radiation storm of ejected particles was blasted into space along with a huge CME plume. The CME is expected to trigger a greater than 25% chance of geomagnetic storms above earth on June 8th-9th. Make sure you watch the incredible NASA/SDO movie of this explosive event here

6.25 UT – The flare erupts and the shock waves can be clearly seen

6.37 UT Plasma starts to rise from the surface

7.33 UT The plasma reaches its greatest height from the surface and gets drawn back down along magnetic field lines where it splashes back into the surface.

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