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The Sun 24-5-08 10.46 UT

Quite sunny this morning if rather breezy and with cloud building up all the time. Managed to get a record for the day and a few afocal images. The main prom is on the NE limb and is quite faint and delicate. Other smaller proms can be seen elsewhere. Not a lot of disk activity visible.

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The Sun 23-5-08 15.21 UT

Very cloudy and overcast all day. I had a single 2 minute opportunity to capture a photo and that was it for the day! No surface detail was apparent and only very small prominences scattered around the limb.

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The Sun 22-5-08 7.20 UT

Poor conditions again this morning with high haze making contrast very poor. The main filament from yesterday is still there, but possibly breaking up. Three main plage active regions were visible and some very faint, but large and delicate, proms in a group on the east limb. Other proms to the west and north were very small.

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The Sun 21-5-08

Taken at 13.51 UT in poor conditions through a cloudy sky. The proms were too faint to capture but the disk shows the main active regions as bright plage areas and a nice filament. There were only two visible proms at the time including a hedgerow prom on the east limb and a small flame prom in the north.

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The Sun 20-5-08 6.33 UT

Another early morning observation. Plenty to see with a long filament in the SE quarter together with a spray prom on the limb. In the NE quarter there was a large hedgerow prom on the limb. Three active regions easily seen as plage. One AR region has an AR filament curving through it just west of the disks centre. Proms to the west are mostly small.

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The Sun 19-5-08 6.37 UT

Managed a quick look before work this morning. Plenty of active regions visible with one nice long filament in the SE quarter and one AR with a filament through it. Proms generally pretty small.

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Sun’s Disk near sunset 18-5-08

Although there were brief 30 second gaps in the cloud this afternoon I basically saw nothing all day then finally around 7pm (18.09 UT) the sun popped out from under the cloud cover just before setting and I managed to get a quick record. Stacks of activity on the surface with a nice filament just off centre passing through an active region. Four active regions, 3 with plage.

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Monster Prom on the east limb !!!

Wow, what a monster of a prom visible today on the east limb between 16.35 and 18.21. It is curiously formed with a right angle kink in it so that a the top part of the prom seems to be tilted back to the north as if a blast of wind had pushed it over. To the south of this one was another fainter complex prom of curling plasma strands shaped like worms. The new AR is just visible as a brightening on the surface and small spots may be forming.

Below: A later image from 18.21 UT showing how the prom has changed shape

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The Sun 13-5-08 Disk and main proms

The new AR is on the SE limb now and visible (but not in these photos). Some proms at the south and east limbs.

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The Sun 12-5-08 – New AR flares 10 times in 8 hours!

A new active region is coming around the east limb and announced itself by flaring 10 times in eight hours producing a number of visible Class A flare proms on the limb. I had pretty poor seeing for photography, but OK for visual. Using the GOES X-Ray flux graphs we could see when the flare proms were developing then race outside to view and photograph them. I caught three of the flares and some of the other smaller proms on the north limb in the images below…….

The 9.31 UT flare prom

The 9.50 UT flare prom

The 12.27 UT flare prom

North limb with disconnected prom

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