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Aurora over Mid Wales – again ! 23rd June 2015

This was almost a re-run of the 17th March solar storm event which produced aurora over much of the UK right down to the south coast of England. At 10.40pm I checked the twitter feed for aurora alerts and was amazed by reports of aurora photographed in Devon UK. Heading over to Spaceweather I found that a KP8+ activity prediction had been posted which would mean that aurora could potentially be seen with the naked eye right down to the south of the UK. This activity had been triggered by a series of coronal mass ejection (or CME) events on the Sun which hurl charged particles in gas plasma in our direction. These charged particles interact with the Earth’s magnetic field at the poles to produce an electrical storm that we see as auroras. A severe G-4 class geomagnetic storm was taking place ! I headed out down the canal towpath again for a wide unobstructed view looking north and saw….cloud, lots of it !

The northern view was completely wiped out by thick cloud heading south towards me and the glow of light pollution from Oswestry. I decided to stay out for a couple of hours and see what happened.  At 23.51pm I noticed a break in the clouds with a bit of a glow to the north west. I thought this was possibly some noctilucent cloud activity at first, but the photographs showed otherwise – there was a really intensive green and purple aurora showing up ! Sadly I was just seeing a small part of a clearly fantastic show through holes in the cloud, but felt lucky to be seeing anything at all. Here are three photos taken between 23.51pm 22/6/15 and 00.24 23/6/15 with the Sony RX100, f 1.8, ISO 3200, 2 seconds, 28mm.




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