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Aurora over Mid Wales 17th March 2015

DSC02490-3webI was flicking through my twitter feed 9pm last night when I noticed a rash of aurora alerts and aurora images being posted from people around the north of the UK and even down as far as Norfolk ! I checked Spaceweather and a KP8 storm was predicted with aurora potentially naked eye visible across the UK.

Collecting the Sony RX100 camera and a tripod I headed up the Montgomeryshire Canal so that I could get a wide view looking north. And there I stood in increasingly freezing temperatures for two hours seeing absolutely nothing. Well that’s not strictly true, I could see the light pollution above Oswestry, the approaching headlight reflections in light fog of cars coming down the Four Crosses bypass and the occasional passenger jet or satellite. It was 10.54pm and I was about to give up when I noticed something odd about the sky above the light pollution layer. To the naked eye all I could see was a brighter ghostly band of white light above the light pollution and above that were some amazing faint white spires. I put the camera on f1.8 with an 8 second exposure at ISO 1600 and to my utter astonishment the brightly colored aurora appeared in front of me. The bright green and magenta colors and fine structural detail in the spires came out quite well in the photographs.  The light show lasted just 7 minutes until 11.01pm and then faded back to the north. I stayed out until 12.40pm with my wife hoping to see them again, but it was not to be.

This is the first time I have seen the aurora and it was a real treat to see them from home on such a rare occasion.


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