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The Sun – 9th June 2013

Had a quick look at 10.45 UT this morning and was amazed to see a large extended prominence lifting off from the NW limb (top right) which had disappeared by 11.15 UT. It was extremely faint in the 40mm PST and increasing gain or exposure on the DMK video camera just burnt out the other proms so I had to increase the gamma a lot, which resulted in the colour halo you can see around the disk.

The long filament in the south east quarter (bottom left) appeared to be breaking up with a clear split in the centre.

Images taken with Coronado PST 40mm 10.45-11.00 UT &  DMK41 USB camera. Processed in Registax 6, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Adobe Lightroom 4.4

Hydrogen Alpha – Large and faint prominence lifting off top right


Hydrogen Alpha – large filament


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