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Supernova SN 2012A in NGC 3239 (Arp 263)

The Type II supernova 2012A was first recognised by Bob Moore, Jack Newton, and Tim Puckett during an automated search on January 7th using a 16″ reflector when its magnitude was estimated at 14.6. This is the first supernova of 2012 and it is  located in the irregular galaxy NGC 3239 (Arp 263) in the constellation Leo.  The galaxy has an apparently  chaotic shape which is the result of two galaxies colliding and merging. By January 27th the supernova had increased in brightness to 13.4 mag and has now faded back to around mag 14.4 in the above image. The light from this supernova has taken 25 million years to reach us !

The AAVSO light curve for SN 2012A is shown below……

Image taken 9.24 pm 28/2/12 at Nerpio, Spain (UTC+1) on T7 (Planewave 17″ CDK Dall-Kirkham Astrograph,SBIG STL-11000M) RA: 10h 25m 05.9s DEC: 17° 10′ 01″ (J2000) 25 minutes exposure. Bin 1 @ 2 x 600 and 1 x 300 seconds.

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