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The Sun 30-9-11 AR1302 & Filaments

There are currently five active regions forming a band of activity across the sun today including AR1301, 1302, 1305, 1306 and 1307. AR 1302 has given us some pretty impressive flares, but seems to be approaching the western limb in a rather subdued state. Although quiet AR1302 still harbors the magnetic strength to produce some X-Class flares and is still very dynamic visually with some impressive active region filaments arcing high above the main sunspots at its core.  Images taken 12.10-12.55 UTC+1 with PST Ha, PST CaK, DMK41.

Ha Disk

CaK Disk

Close up of AR1302 and its arching filaments. AR 1305 to left

CaK of AR 1302 (right) and AR 1305 (left)

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