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The other Double Cluster – NGC 884 and NGC 957

Most people are familiar with the spectacular view of the main Double Cluster located in Perseus which consists of the bright open clusters NGC 884 and 869 lying some 7300 light years distant. This jewelled duo shining at magnitudes 6.1 and 5.3 are easily  resolved in a moderate 3″ telescope, but binoculars will also provide a nice view and you can even see the cluster as a faint sparkling smudge of light with the naked eye on a clear night in a dark location. While images of this cluster can be found in every coffee table book and all over the web I thought it might be fun to try something a little different when I realised that the nearby NGC 957 would just fit into the view along with NGC 884, providing an alternate double cluster. For this image I used the GRAS20 Tak 106 FSQ in New Mexico which has a nice widefield view capable of comfortably framing both clusters. The image is a 600 sec unbinned one-shot colour exposure centred on RA: 02h 20m 59.0s DEC: 57° 09′ 30″ (J2000)

I wonder how many more images containing two or more open clusters found in our galaxy can actually be imaged in one frame ? Only one other springs immediately to mind for me and that is the M35/NGC 2158 combination in Gemini which I imaged back in 2008 with my Equinox ED80 and a Canon 350d DSLR (see below) . If you can think of any more do let me know via the blog !

NGC 957 (top left) and NGC 884 (right) :

Another double! M35 (bright blue stars) & NGC 2158 (tight yellowish white cluster bottom left):

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