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Comet C/2009 P1 Garradd

I revisited Comet C/2009 P1 Garradd last night on its journey through the region between Aquila and Hercules courtesy of the GRAS G3 telescope (Takahashi TOA 150/SBIG ST 2000XCM) in New Mexico. This observatory has been plagued by cloud and rain for the last two weeks, but before the moon rose at 9.30 pm last night (NM time) the sky was gloriously clear so I took the opportunity to reserve some time on the one-shot colour camera. The image below is the result of just a 5 minute exposure and shows the coma and faint gas tail glowing the characteristic blue-green of cyanogens and diatomic carbon which are fluorescing in the sunlight. C/2009 P1 appears to be around magnitude 7.0 now and should continue to brighten slowly through to February 2012 when it will reach its peak magnitude of 6.0 and may become visible to the naked eye. The two bright stars on the right side of the image are HIP 91205 (top – mag 7.75) and HIP 91169 (bottom – mag 8.60). Image taken 17/9/2011  9.24pm (New Mexico time) RA: 18h 37m 13.0s DEC: 19° 52′ 17″ (J2000)


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