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Comet 213P Van Ness now fading in Pisces

Comet 213P Van Ness is passing high through Pisces at the moment and currently hovers at around magnitude 14.4. It will fade slowly through to the end of the year when it will be 16.5. During August and early September fragments of the nucleus were seen to break away, effectively forming three short-lived magnitude 20-21 child comets named 213P B,C and D. These fragments have faded dramatically now and may no longer exist. Below is a quick 5 minute exposure with the Spanish GRAS 07 17 ” planewave in rather poor light conditions with the moon about 60 degrees away to the south. The very faint tail (easily seen in August) extends to the top right. This is quite an interesting and rarely visited part of the sky with a number of very faint fuzzies in the wider original image that defy identification in my planetarium software, which only extends to magnitude 18. Loads of nice double stars in this area too! Image taken 1.02am 17/9/11 RA: 22h 49m 38.0s DEC: 04° 32′ 09″ (J2000)

And the negative image…..

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