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The Sun in Calcium K light 24-8-11

Observing the sun in the Calcium K spectral line during the run up to solar maximum is always exciting ! Sunspots (with umbra, penumbra and light bridges), pores, plage and supergranulation cells are all easily visible. On days with good seeing you can even push the gain and gamma settings on CCD cameras to view CaK prominences. Today the shape-shifting active region 1271 with its tight collection of spots and pores can be seen in the west (right) with AR 1272 below which has just a single tiny pore on show. To the east (left in the views below) we can see weakly magnetic active regions 1274 (top), 1275 below and 1276 to the left, all marked by bright white plage. On the eastern extreme a new large spot has just rounded the limb which may herald the return of an active region from the far side of the sun, or a completely new active region which currently has no number. Images taken 17:45UT with DMK41 and a CaK PST.

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