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Ha and CaK Solar Features 21-8-11

This morning looked promising for some solar imaging with clear blue skies at 9am although with the sun placed in the east above the roof of the house bad turbulence was to be expected. I imaged between 8.30 – 9.30 UT and by 9.30 UT cloud had bubbled up off the mountains to the west and was filling the sky – it was a whiteout shortly after! Visibility was OK at low magnifications, but very poor through the barlow lens with choppy atmospheric turbulence.

Active region 1271 is still the most prominent with three distinct spots, one with a light bridge, and some pores. It was quite bright at the time of imaging but the GOES X-Ray flux monitor only shows minor B-Class activity. Active region 1272 has a main spot and some pores. New active region 1274 over on the east limb has a couple of spots. There are two low arch prominences over on the western limb. Some nice filaments today too – a large one by the main AR1271 active region and a group of others in the south.


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