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The Sun 26-12-08 – Boxing Day Sun is Active!

This was the first clear day of the Christmas holiday. It started cloudy and unpromising, but got progressively clearer from the east during late morning. After a walk along the canal to exercise the dog and shift some of the Christmas dinner excess I set up at 12.30 just as the sun was clearing the neighbours conservatory roof. At this time of the year with the sun so low in the south I have just an hour and a half window where I can image the sun before it dips into trees after clearing the neighbours buildings.

The wide arc of closely spaced arch prominences in the north east was still putting on a fine show with some amazing fine detail. There was another sizeable but faint complex of prominences in the SE and NW. A small active region could be seen right on the SE limb, this is possibly AR1009 forming. North to right and East at top in the following images….

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