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The Sun 30-8-08 At last, some Sun!

Five days of constant depressing grey cloud cover is not good for the solar observer, we tend to show withdrawal symptoms pretty quick! Missed out on two great prominences that put a show on over the last week in the south and north, but plenty of images of them on the CN solar forum to drool over. Forecast didn’t look good for today, but between 2.30 and 6pm it really brightened up and the gaps between clouds got ever larger so I decided to set the scope up and see what was happening up there on our star. The active region we were all tracking over a week back has completeley faded now on the west limb, but another smaller one can be seen at the centre of the disk appearing as two minuscule dots of plage. This will fade quickly and not produce any spots, it was already difficult to find today. There was one obvious filament visible in the north east. The prom in the north had some really nice fine detail and a long arch extending over the limb. DMK41 for whole disk shot and DMK21 for prom/filament/AR detail. PST.

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