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The Sun 24-8-08 – Looks quiet, but isn’t !

Solved the problem with files over 1GB being rejected by Registax! Turns out all I need to do is chop the video up into two parts with Virtualdub. First part is 869mb and the second part is 1131mb. Even though the second half is 1.3GB Registax seems to accept it fine!? I then load both parts into Registax for aligning – works a treat!

Anyway, the Sun today…..well it appears quiet with just a few small prominences. When I took the full disk images this morning at 11.05 BST I could not see the active region or any other surface detail. Later on between 4.50 – 5.35 pm BST we had an unexpected clear window and I had a leisurely scan of the surface with the DMK21 and the 2x barlow. The sun was far from quiet! I found the active region nearing the centre of the Sun, some filaments, some nice small proms and a curious black spot in the ‘white light’ area of the PST tuning that isn’t a sunspot, but may be associated with the ‘dark mottle’ background of spicules, fibrils and filaments. So even a fairly dull day on the sun is full of activity !

The active region


The curious black spot

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