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The Sun 12-6-08 8.34 and 17.05 UT

A windy day with clouds scudding past for most of the morning and afternoon, but it all cleared up by 5pm and the seeing got much better. Two disks are included below to show how the proms rotate with the limb over an eight and a half hour period. Only very small proms are visible and active region 998. AR998 still showed one large clear spot in the morning, but this seemed to have faded by 5pm.
Also included below is the result of some tweaking in Paint Shop Pro of a black and white image. I wanted to see if I could bring out more surface detail in the monochrome image and this certainly seems to be the case. Whereas my colour disk shots are taken at 1/4 or 1/6 sec the black and white was at 1/30 sec. Two faint filaments have become very clear in monochrome at the left and right extremes of the disk. These were confirmed with images from the Big Bear Observatory as real and not products of my processing. Looks like I am going to have to take colour and monochrome shots from now on to catch all the detail!
8.34UT 17.05UT
Monochrome – note the darker filaments to left and right edges

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