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The Sun 30-4-08

Just totalled up the months observations and I managed to get a record on 24 days in April which is highly unusual! Normally I am lucky if a get to see some sun on 10 days of the month. It must be the fact that daylight hours have extended so I can do observations before and after work. In the dark days of last winter I recall I struggled to observe on more than 4 days in a month when the sun was consistently low in the sky and shrouded in grey murk.

Today there was a really fine quiescent curtain/hedge prom on the south west limb which was starting to look more active and change shape in the late afternoon. Elsewhere most of the proms are on the west limb again. The main filament group is disappearing over the south west limb. The plage region in the west is looking much quieter today with a single slender arcing filament bisecting the plage.

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