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Active Region 987 appears and its busy!

While photographing the sun yesterday clear areas of plage brightening and sunspot activity were developing on the east limb. Today those areas are clearly visible as active region 987, with active region 988 just chasing it over the limb to the right. The active areas consist of sunspot groups, plage brightening and one long filament arcing across the eastern limb. Observers in the US are reporting some possible flare activity in the bright areas around the main spots. I managed to get some photographs of the active regions at 11.21 and 15.30 UT today with the PST and Coolpix 4500 camera. These images were also accepted by http://www.spaceweather.com/ and a link appears on the front page of that website to my images here http://spaceweather.com/submissions/large_image_popup.php?image_name=Mark-Walters-e-limb-24-3-08_1206361876.jpg

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